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Honda completely revamps CRF line for 2012

December 23, 2011

There’s good news for motocross enthusiasts!

Hondas line of CRF Motocross bikes are back and better than ever.

After being completely redesigned for 2012, the new line of CRF bikes are set to make their offroad debut within the next few weeks.

With three different models — the 450R, 250R and 150R — the Honda CRF line has everyone talking, including the pros on Honda Racing.

Over the last few years, the CRF has taken the lead in the four-stroke motocross revolution, and is expected to remain on top, especially with new features, such as refined suspension, better brakes and steering precision, that have been added to each model.  The CRF series has undergone a serious transformation, but the bike’s acceleration and handling were not compromised during the procsess, thanks to a new cylinder head, camshaft, and throttle body. And, while performance among the new line of CRFs has dramatically increased, comfort and traction has also been upgraded, as each model is now equipped with wider, longer footpegs and Dunlop MX51 tires to help give each bike more traction. Other additional features were made to the CRF engine, too.

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Honda recalls 126,000 GoldWing motorcycles

December 18, 2011

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is recalling 126,000 GL-1800 GoldWing motorcycles because of a rear brake malfunction that could lead to a crash or fire. The recall has been issued for all GL-1800s made between 2001-2011 and certain 2012 models.

According to a statement released earlier this month by Honda, the recall indicates that there is a possibility of the combined braking system’s secondary master cylinder to drag. The secondary master cylinder on affected motorcycles may have insufficient internal freeplay between the pressure cup and the compensating port hole. If the freeplay is insufficient, the compensating port can become blocked by the pressure cup, which is what causes the combined braking system’s secondary master cylinder to drag.

The manufacturer was alerted to a possible problem in July 2010 after a customer finished a ride, parked his motorcycle and saw fire emanating from the rear brake area of the bike.

Honda said that it took 16 months to determine the problem and the appropriate course of action and that 26 complaints about the GL-1800 have been received. The manufacturer also said the problem has not caused any crashes or injuries and that only 4 percent of recalled bikes will have the defective part.

GL-1800 owners will be notified by Honda to have their motorcycle inspected. Service and replacement of the combined braking system on affected models will be free of charge, if necessary.

The recall will take effect January 4, 2012, but owners can call Honda customer service at 866-784-1870, or the NHTSA Vehicle Safety hotline at 888-327-4236 for more information.

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Below is a list of possible affected GL-1800 GoldWing motorcycles.

2001-2010 GL1800/A
All units and types within the above model year range

2012 GL1800/A: All types, within the following VIN ranges
IVA JH2SC68G*CK000001 thru JH2SC68G*CK002608
VA JH2SC68H*CK000001 thru JH2SC68H*CK001746
VIIA JH2SC68L*CK000001 thru JH2SC68L*CK001294
VIIIA JH2SC68M*CK000001 thru JH2SC68M*CK000164